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Well here is a third....

Posted on 2013.05.05 at 17:55
The email from LJ mentioned I had less than three posts... wtf? Now they should be content.



Posted on 2013.05.05 at 17:54
I have so many ideas and characters in my brain that want to come to life. If only I wasn't so damn lazy.


Random Stuff in My Life

Posted on 2013.05.05 at 17:53
Well I got an email LJ saying they were going to purge my account unless I posted. Not sure how I feel about that. I mainly use my LJ account to lurk about and read fanfiction. I'm not motivated enough to really write myself.

Anyhoo, am in the process of joining the Navy (hopefully I'll get it) and will probably be engaged/married soon. This is a huge break from my normal mentality. But let me explain. I didn't date previously because I always figured I would never find a guy who would deal with my numerous issues, like my fear of physical intimacy, long enough for marriage (Now I have, and he's really chill about pretty much everything, can even take my insane family in stride and doesn't push me). So that was one reason for not dating. Another was that, even though I myself am not religious, I grew up with the mentality that you date to get married, and that is a hard mindset to break free of. Now that I found a guy to date, well the only reason I'm dating him is because I can see us being married. If I didn't think that as a definite possibility I wouldn't have begun a relationship. So I've introduced him to my family, after five(ish) months of dating. Well, most of my family. The kids anyhow, which I would not have done unless we were talking about marriage, which we have been. He's really supportive of me going into the Navy, even though he really doesn't get it. He's Israeli, and they have a compulsory military so he doesn't get serving if I don't have to. But since it is what I want to do, he's going to support me. Which is really incredible considering that means he's kinda taking a backseat for the next five years.
That's why we are going to rush the whole engagement/marriage bit. I mean, all engagement is a placeholder until you get your shit straightened out for the wedding and whatnot. I don't want a wedding. I can't really think of anything I would want less. An expensive party that your family members are all at, hell no.

Anyhoooooo hop LJ is happy


Bit Floating in my Brain

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 18:51
This is not your average fairy tale. The villain is not consumed with world domination and the hero is not brave. And I am no one, I am simply and observer and recorder of that which I see and am told. In fact most of this story was told to me, anything involving danger or action. Now that you have been forewarned, let us begin.

I supposed the proper way to start this would be with "once upon a time" but let us skip that level of cliche shall we? Instead let us start with some time in the 1980's in a city of not a whole lot of importance our hero was born. Twins, actually, a boy and a girl. Apollo and Artemis were their names. I kid you not, their parent were either that cruel or did that many drugs. Paul and Missy, as they insisted they be referred to as soon as they were able to think of reasonable nicknames, grew up in poverty only they didn't realize it. One of their fondly remember games was Hide From The Electric Man. Apparently they can't turn off your electricity if you aren't home. (Did you know this? I didn't) Their clothes were rejected hand-me-downs from the 70's purchased on sale at the local charity shop. Food consisted of whatever they could scrounge up. Father a perfectly ordinary man with a rather extraordinary temper, worked in medicine, but was not a doctor, and often work two jobs. Mother was a stay-at-home-mom who had decided that the mom part of that job description was to much effort and therefore stopped doing it. Mother had a bit of an ego so when she had a tiff with the twin's school, the twins were pulled out of school to be educated at home (which was really them being ignored while Mother read a book). And so the twins grew up in such a life. They spent many an afternoon dodging plates and cutting word from Mother, and hiding from Father's belt (or hanger or ladle or whatever else he happened to grab).

Paul and Missy learned at a rather young age to be responsible and independent, like all good heroic martyrs. Paul was in charge of the yard (really not more than a small patch of green), the rubbish, the laundry, the dishes and the hallways. Missy was in charge of the cooking, the kitchen, the first and second floor and all the bathrooms. I have never been certain what Mother was in charge of, but she did suffer dreadfully (just ask her).

Paul and Missy did have one thing in their favor and that was that they were dreadfully clever. Paul could remember just about everything he read and Missy could take apart any item, figure out how it worked and put it back together (often working better than it had before). They were considered rather odd, seeing as Paul would be able to rattle off facts and statistic regarding just about anything and Missy's gift of seeing how thing went together, a sort of instinctive deductive reasoning, applied to people as well as to things. Adults avoided them and their children took their cue from the actions of their mummy and daddy. With the exception of Amy and John. Amy's parents were artist and were bound to be a bit odd on their own (and by odd the women of the street really meant high as kites), so she did not mind the peculiarities of the twins. And John, well the less said about John's mother the better. John's father ran off with a younger woman and his mum never really got over it. And John looks just like his father. They were not a merry bunch marauding about the neighborhood, rather four ignored and unloved children who managed to find solace in each other.

This is not truly where our story begins, but I though I should set the scene a bit. Now, let us begin.


Writer's Block: Anti-bullying month

Posted on 2011.10.03 at 18:05
Who is the biggest bully in your life? One response chosen at random will win an Amazon Kindle. [contest details] (sponsored by )
My mother. She has always tried to tear down her children. She bullied my father, who in turn, bullied us. She is so twisted inside that it seems she cannot derive any joy from watching her children succeed in life and instead must do anything in her power to drag them down.


Writer's Block: Desert island

Posted on 2011.09.22 at 22:25
Anne of Green Gables - taught me to care about the people in books and that goodness is a quality that can exist.

Pride and Predjudice - taught me that a woman can be just as smart as a man, and need never apologize for it.
List three books that have changed your life:

Holy Brother - taught me the kind of person I want to be



Posted on 2010.09.26 at 04:23
Well Glee is finally back and some are saying it's better than ever. Is it?Collapse )

FMA Sadness

Bill and Eric

Posted on 2010.09.19 at 02:39
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So I have read all sorts of posts about Bill vs. Eric and while I really do favor Eric, I feel compelled to add in my two cents about them both, although here I'm mostly focusing on Bill. After all we have had three seasons to watch Bill develop as a character and his history has not only been delved into more but is shorter than Eric's. As a main character Eric has only been around for two. It makes it easier to analyze Bill over Eric because so much of Eric's past is unknown.

So, here I go...Collapse )


GOD HATES ME and please sign this petition

Posted on 2008.05.25 at 01:28
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Well first things first.  There is a petition on behalf of my disabled nephew.  PLEASE SIGN IT
You can keep your infor anonymous, if you wish, for online.  The only people other than my sister, the mother, who will be seeing everyone's information will be the D.A. and judge assigned to this case.

Secondly, and much less important, my computer has left this earth I am afraid so not only did I lose everything that I was working on but I don't have regular access to a computer.  

This is very sad. 



Posted on 2007.12.11 at 00:29
This is a series that I started on a whim and think the I might have a lot of fun with it. 

Title: Notes 
Fandom: Harry Potter 
Rating: PG (at this point) 
Characters: Marauders, Evans and Snape 
Summery: A collection of notes passed durring the Marauders time at Hogwarts starting from First Year. 
Chapter OneCollapse )

Comments are ALWAYS appreciated.

Chapter One - Making Friends and Enemies Pt. 1Collapse )

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